Showdown with Goldman Sachs at UVM

UVM Lecture Pulled Over ‘Occupy’ Protests

Attention all: The event appears to be canceled. UVM has removed the event from their calendars and others have commented below that they received an email notice.

Friday, October 14 · 1:30pm – 4:30pm

225 Kalkin

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**Invite Your Friends!**

Jeff Ares, a representative of the Too Big To Fail investment bank Goldman Sachs, will be speaking to UVM students about working on Wall Street this Friday at 1:30pm in Kalkin 225. In response, we call on local supporters of #OccupyWallStreet to attend this and make our voices heard about the corruption of Mr. Ares’ employer and the fact that there are plenty of opportunities for business students to use their skills while actually making the world a better place.

Make sure to educate yourself about Goldman Sachs prior to attending; this article is a great place to start:

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