OccupyVermont Burlington

A note on dates: As there are a number of events of interest happening this coming Saturday, we’ve set the date of the next event for Saturday from 2pm-4pm. However, please note that our usual Sunday march and General Assembly will also be still be happening at the same time (12:30pm) and location (City Hall Park). For the past few weeks, we’ve been quickly growing in size; now, we begin to add increasing frequency as well as increasing size as our movement for justice continues to build. We did some great work today, and hope to see many of you at one or both of this weekend’s coming actions!

– – –

For the past three Sundays, concerned Vermonters have met and marched to demonstrate our solidarity with the Wall Street occupiers and to object to the increasingly brutal tactics being used by the police. We have decided to continue to meet and rally each Sunday until the occupation ends, and we invite you to join us.

We will convene in City Hall Park at 12:30pm and hold a General Assembly to provide updates about the situation on the ground in NYC, discuss effective ways of providing support, and plan actions to demonstrate our support locally.

Please make and bring signs that show your support for the occupation and your opposition to the use of police violence to repress it, and spread this event widely!

See the live stream from NYC here: http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution

*Update – Tentative agenda for the General Assembly, which will be run along the same moderated consensus lines as the GA in Liberty Plaza*

-Updates from those who have spent time in Liberty Plaza.
-Testimonials from those who have been personally affected by the current crisis.
-Reports back from working groups.
-Announcements of the formation of new working groups and projects (out of respect for each other’s time, please be concise and limit your announcement to two minutes).
-Break into working groups.

3 thoughts on “OccupyVermont Burlington”

  1. tao smith said:

    I would like to see Occupy Vermont begin a new wave in this movement. All of the problems and injustice that people speak of are true and correct, but they are all only the symptoms and not the cause of the problem. As long as we only speak of the systems we will miss a unifying message because everyone is infected by their own symptom, but a root cause of all the symptoms can be named and rallied around.
    In my opinion the main cause of almost all of the “symptoms” being spoken of is our dysfunctional corrupt congress. It is congress that funds the wars. It is congress that did not regulate banks and then bailed them out. It is congress that spends billions each year to support corrupt governments around the world. It is congress that has put this country in debt by uncontrolled short term pork barrel spending in promising the masses everything to get elected, all the while leaving our healthcare, infrastructure and the educational systems in shambles. (etc. etc. etc.) We no longer have a functional democracy when congress is bought off by a minority of big money corporations and special interest groups to pass laws or block them for their interest only and leaves the majority of the country screwed. All of the issues that the OWS movements are stating can be traced back to congress. So why not go to the source, go to the root of the problem. Our dysfunctional corrupt congress is not only the one issue everyone can agree on but ALREADY DO,(look at their national approval rating 13%) and the system is already in place to make changes. We could open a national dialog on what this country needs and where it is going while addressing ways to reform congress. I would suggest that Occupy Vermont extend invitations to all occupy cities, tea party, politicians, etc. to send delegates here to work on how to reform our congress, and in that discussion all of the symptoms would be addressed! It is not as dramatic and ego filling as yelling in the streets, but by making this our focus we start to truly represent the 99%, we dispel most of our critics, and it sets up a meaningful dialog to make lasting changes on key issues effecting our country. This movement will find its way or not. All I can do is to offer my nonviolent thoughtful opinion and respect others as they do the same.

    • You could not be more right. Our congress has been and is the root of this county’s problems. They are paid for by corporations that we are marching against. The question I have is what can we do? As some of us are lucky enough to have jobs and are unable to take to the streets, in what ways can we support and help bring about change? How does the 99% mobilize behind the scenes while others are front and center?

      Vermont, Unite! Let us not simply watch from the sidelines. What ideas do people have that we can set into motion?

      • Look at “The 99 Percent Deceleration” proposed by a OWS Working Group. I feel that this is the best way that this country has to come together to make some real and lasting changes. You can find the proposal on the far right of this page under “Recent Posts”.

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