#OccupyVermont – Burlington Working Groups Calendar

4 thoughts on “#OccupyVermont – Burlington Working Groups Calendar”

  1. Grrr…where is everyone NOW it. It’s 4:05

  2. We are gearing up for the Occupy The Trees action, and would like to see if Occupy Burlington Vermont will support this action by creating an event page for it?


    Thank You

    Occupy The Trees
    (The Mother Earth Tree Convention)

    Occupations across the US and around the world are being asked to step up and protest the corporate rape of Mother Earth, and the exploitation of Her limited resources. Occupy The Trees April, 22, 2012

    … We ask that you take to occupying the trees by placing tree sitters in them for one week, or for as long as your team(s) can do it. Find trees in front of banks who support the corporations, trees in front of the corporations who pollute the earth, air and water. Trees in front of corporations who clear our forests, poison & kill wildlife and people. And rare trees that are at threat of being cut down in the name of corporate greed.

    This action is nearly three months away.
    This will give people time to setup safety trainings so they can safely get people up trees, and back down. Time to setup life lines so the tree sitters have food, water, and so on. Time to gather all the needed equipment and supplies. Time to plan for groups to come to the trees and support the sitters, with rallies, street theater, speeches on the relevant issues, chanting, song & dance. And time to do the research to find the right trees.

    Times, dates and locations of trainings should be distributed in a manor that is as inclusive as possible. Each geographical location knows the environmental issues most relevant to that location, and should adjust their efforts accordingly. Safety first in all things, so please get the needed training(s).

    Occupy The Trees Is In Solidarity With OWS.
    Suggested demands and/or policy changes:
    (To Be Announced)

  3. Harold Kuester said:

    I believe that my novel [information attached] could be useful to the Occupy Movement, which inspired its re-release as an e-book with a new cover. It was initially published as a paperback before the Wall Street economic debacle became obvious, but it remains relevant to the current situation. Please share the novel information with your members. Here’s hoping that it proves to be a useful symbol.

    Remedy: D.E.T.O.X.X. America
    (Politics/Finance // Mystery/Suspense)

    Amazon E-book / Novel $2.99

    What’s the difference between reality and fiction?
    Fiction makes sense.

    1% versus 99%
    Grossly Excessive Income Disparity
    Living Wage Movement
    March on Washington
    Politics: Money Power versus People Power
    Corrupt Financial Interests
    Collapse of Stock Markets and Banks
    Unique Love Affair
    Space Station Sabotage
    Signals from an Alien Planet

    Reality? Fiction?

    “An allegorical novel that intertwines the volatile economic and political landscape of America with the cultural conflicts of an advanced alien race….In a clever play on worlds, the discord faced by the Pisceans [aliens] is eerily comparable to events occurring in America.” ~ KIRKUS REVIEWS

    Author Harold Kuester taught philosophy and religion in a city easily mistaken for the one where the March on Washington chronicled in this novel begins. He has a long-standing commitment to “promote the general welfare” and “establish justice.“ Wishing the Occupy movement every success, he offers his novel, hoping it will inspire courage and perseverance, as well as offering a good read.

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