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We are an unofficial voice for the #OccupyVermont Movement…

We are in Solidarity with the #OccupyWallStreetMovement

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5 thoughts on “About #OccupyVermont”

  1. tao smith said:

    I would like to see Occupy Vermont begin a new wave in this movement. All of the problems and injustice that people speak of are true and correct, but they are all only the symptoms and not the cause of the problem. As long as we only speak of the systems we will miss a unifying message because everyone is infected by their own symptom, but a root cause of all the symptoms can be named and rallied around.
    In my opinion the main cause of almost all of the “symptoms” being spoken of is our dysfunctional corrupt congress. It is congress that funds the wars. It is congress that did not regulate banks and then bailed them out. It is congress that spends billions each year to support corrupt governments around the world. It is congress that has put this country in debt by uncontrolled short term pork barrel spending in promising the masses everything to get elected, all the while leaving our healthcare, infrastructure and the educational systems in shambles. (etc. etc. etc.) We no longer have a functional democracy when congress is bought off by a minority of big money corporations and special interest groups to pass laws or block them for their interest only and leaves the majority of the country screwed. All of the issues that the OWS movements are stating can be traced back to congress. So why not go to the source, go to the root of the problem. Our dysfunctional corrupt congress is not only the one issue everyone can agree on but ALREADY DO,(look at their national approval rating 13%) and the system is already in place to make changes. We could open a national dialog on what this country needs and where it is going while addressing ways to reform congress. I would suggest that Occupy Vermont extend invitations to all occupy cities, tea party, politicians, etc. to send delegates here to work on how to reform our congress, and in that discussion all of the symptoms would be addressed! It is not as dramatic and ego filling as yelling in the streets, but by making this our focus we start to truly represent the 99%, we dispel most of our critics, and it sets up a meaningful dialog to make lasting changes on key issues effecting our country. This movement will find its way or not. All I can do is to offer my nonviolent thoughtful opinion and respect others as they do the same.

  2. Richard R Troxell said:

    According to the last several US Conference of Mayors Reports, no one
    working at a full time minimum wage job can afford to get into and keep a one
    bedroom apartment anywhere throughout the country. According to the National
    Coalition for the Homeless, this will result in 3.5 million homeless minimum wage
    workers this year alone.

    In as much as the Federal Government sets the Federal Minimum Wage
    level (this year it is $7.25 an hour or about $14,000), and businesses (corporate
    and otherwise) pay the least of their workers by this standard,

    It Is Proposed:

    That the Federal Minimum Wage be re-set to afford 40 hour a week workers the ability to afford basic Food, Clothing and Shelter (at least an efficiency apartment utilities included) wherever that work is done throughout the US. This can be characterized as a Living Wage.

  3. LET’S TALK !


    People’s Assembly by phone: A statewide phone conference call for Vermonters next Sunday November 20th, 6:45-7:45pm. The conference telephone number is:

    ( 218) 237-0330. To access the conference itself dial the access code followed by the # symbol: 541119#. Emily Peyton will moderate the call. We’ll be talking about Public Banking, VEDA and related Occupy Wall Street/Tea Party issues. For more information phone : 802 579-5524

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  5. Harold Kuester said:

    I believe that my novel [information attached] could be useful to the Occupy Movement, which inspired its re-release as an e-book with a new cover. It was initially published as a paperback before the Wall Street economic debacle became obvious, but it remains relevant to the current situation. Please share the novel information with your members. Here’s hoping that it proves to be a useful symbol.

    Remedy: D.E.T.O.X.X. America
    (Politics/Finance // Mystery/Suspense)

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    What’s the difference between reality and fiction?
    Fiction makes sense.

    1% versus 99%
    Grossly Excessive Income Disparity
    Living Wage Movement
    March on Washington
    Politics: Money Power versus People Power
    Corrupt Financial Interests
    Collapse of Stock Markets and Banks
    Unique Love Affair
    Space Station Sabotage
    Signals from an Alien Planet

    Reality? Fiction?

    “An allegorical novel that intertwines the volatile economic and political landscape of America with the cultural conflicts of an advanced alien race….In a clever play on worlds, the discord faced by the Pisceans [aliens] is eerily comparable to events occurring in America.” ~ KIRKUS REVIEWS

    Author Harold Kuester taught philosophy and religion in a city easily mistaken for the one where the March on Washington chronicled in this novel begins. He has a long-standing commitment to “promote the general welfare” and “establish justice.“ Wishing the Occupy movement every success, he offers his novel, hoping it will inspire courage and perseverance, as well as offering a good read.

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