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On President Obama’s Vermont visit on March 30th, please join a broad grassroots coalition of Vermonters to celebrate free speech and exercise our right to peacefully assemble.

Rally at UVM Campus near I-89 at the intersection of Spear St. and Williston Rd. Please share widely and invite your friends.

Call for Peace
YES to closing Guantanamo
NO to Expanded Drone Bombings in Pakistan
NO to Occupying Afghanistan
NO to massively expanding Blackwater style contractors
NO to Extending Military Tribunals
NO to Immunizing the Bush administration from prosecution regarding
torture, i.e. those who ordered it, the lawyers who legally approved it,
and those in the CIA & the military who enacted the torture
NO to repeating Bush-era policy of bombing without congressional approval, to overstepping the UN mandate, to seeking regime change, to violation of the War Power Act of 1973

Defend Civil Liberties
YES to Freedom from State or Corporate Surveillance
YES To Free Speech and Expression
YES to Freedom to peaceably assemble, protest, or occupy
NO to NDAA, which codifies indefinite military detention without charge or
NO to Extending the Patriot Act without reforms
NO to Retroactive Immunity for Telecom Corporations involved in Warrant-
less Wiretapping
NO to Authorizing the Extrajudicial Executions of U.S.A. Citizens, such as
16 year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki

Demand Economic Justice
NO to Extending Tax Cuts for the Rich
NO to Wall Street Bailouts
NO to Promising Big Pharma new healthcare legislation will bar the
government from negotiating lower drug prices
YES to an Economy that works for the 99%

Livable Planet
YES to Carbon Level 350ppm.
NO to Offshore Drilling in the Gulf with no new safety measures
YES to Copenhagen Climate Talks & Good Faith Commitments
YES to Improving EPA Air-Quality Standards

Stand up for Human Rights
YES to a state, a nation, and a world where the fundamental needs of the 99%, things that make us all humans, are fulfilled regardless of ability to pay
YES to the human rights to nutrition, healthcare, housing, healthy environment, education, decent jobs, free expression and free association
NO to all forms of discrimination and systemic violence including those based on race, gender, sexuality, class and the prison industrial complex

Another world is possible. Another US is necessary. A brave little state can lead.

Occupy Vermont