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6:30pm until 8:30pm

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Fletcher Free Library, Community Room, Main Street, Burlington, VT

Decommissioning and Accountability: A Future Without Vermont Yankee

Panel with:
Deb Katz, Executive Director of the Citizens Awareness Network

Chris Williams, Organizer for Vermont Citizens Action Network

Robert Stannard, Citizen Lobbyist for the Vermont Citizens Action Network

The overwhelming vote in the Senate to reject VY as part of Vermont’s energy future and the legislature’s refusal to return to the issue in 2011 was a great victory, but the debate continues with Entergy winning its court case to continue operation. Citizens must remain engaged and demand continued legislative action to support a successful transition to sustainable energy and stricter decommissioning and operational standards going forward. As citizens work to close Vermont Yankee, Entergy is trying to keep it open. How Entergy will address the issues of transition, closing, and decommissioning is more significant than ever. Recently questions have been raised about how the local community will be affected as well as the state and even the region.

Vermont Yankee’s power has already been replaced. But questions remain. Can we survive without Vermont Yankee? Can citizens play a role as Vermont Yankee is properly dismantled, cleaned-up and radioactive waste safely stored? With the slow motion Fukushima disaster highlighting the vulnerabilities of Mark 1 reactors, how will the state deal with the increased vulnerability of this aged reactor?

“The decommissioning of the Entergy Vermont Nuclear Power Plant will be one of the most significant undertakings in Vermont’s history,” said Bob Stannard, lobbyist for Vermont Citizens Action Network.

Free and Open to the Public

Presented by Occupy Burlington and the Environmental Working Group of Occupy Burlington and Burlington Against Nukes.

Contact: yesearth1@gmail.com

Sponsored by: International Socialist Organization, Pax Christi, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Peace, Justice and Earthcare Committee of Burlington’s Religious Society of Friends, Fomite Press, and the SAGE Alliance, the regional alliance against VT Yankee