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President Obama is coming to Vermont on March 30th.

Facebook event here

Please join a broad coalition of Vermonters in taking a peaceful stand against his New Year’s Eve signing of NDAA; signing the Patriot Act extension into law with no reforms when all he had to do was not move a pen to let it expire; extending Bush tax cuts for the rich when all he had to do was not move a pen to let them expire; re-opening the Gulf for offshore drilling after the BP spill with no new safety measures; not closing Guantanamo; expanding three-fold Bush’s drone bombing of Pakistan; undermining the Copenhagen climate talks; not getting us out of Afghanistan while expanding massively the use of Blackwater style contractors; extending Bush’s military tribunals; authorizing the extrajudicial executions of American citizens; a backroom deal with Big Pharma promising that any healthcare legislation will bar the government from using its huge purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices; giving retroactive immunity for telecom corporations involved in warrant-less wiretapping; bombing Libya without congressional approval overstepping the UN mandate and seeking regime change, violating the War Power Act of 1973 and rendering hypocritical his criticism of Bush going to war without congressional approval; capitulating (again) to corporate America on EPA air-quality standards; immunizing all members of the Bush administration from prosecution regarding torture: the members of the Bush administration who ordered it, the lawyers who legally approved it, and those in the CIA and the military who tortured within the confines of the permission slips they were given by those officials and lawyers; authorizing the extrajudicial murder of American citizens including 16 year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki; and more…… lots more