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The recent discovery that UVM’s Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity had been polling its members about who they would want to rape is evidence of sexism that runs broad and deep at UVM and in Burlington. This egregious expression of rape culture is only the most recent example of systemic sexism at UVM. The past year alone has witnessed rape, multiple sexual assaults, and anti-abortion chalking in public spaces. The turn-out of about 200 people to a speak-out and press conference against rape culture on Dec. 15 shows that our community will no longer tolerate this state of affairs. We are ready to stand up and fight back! Shutting down Sigma Phi Epsilon at UVM is an important victory and a great first step. It shows that when we raise our voices and mobilize in protest we have the power to win real change. We are energized by the national reaction to this rape-culture exposure, and are geared for the long struggle ahead. AS the investigation continues, more instances of rampant sexism within this fraternity are coming to light. Another “brother” recently plead guilty to videotaping a woman undressing in a locker room in Stowe and distributing the footage to his “brothers”. In 1993 this same fraternity was suspended for four years after video footage was uncovered of “pledges” being asked to tell a racist joke, to say what they would do with a stripper they had seen the night before, and to describe their sexual encounters. These are clearly not isolated instances. Sexism and rape-culture will not be tolerated. FedUp VT, our feminist coalition that exposed the most recent SigEp scandal, is organizing “Fed Up? Stand Up!”, a rally, march, teach-in, and speak out on ending rape culture for January 21, 2012 at noon. The event will kick-off on the steps of Bailey-Howe. The event is a call-to-action for everyone at UVM and in the community – we hope to see all students, professors, faculty, and the entirety of UVM Greek life join in this struggle. Now is the time to tear down rape culture at UVM, root out sexism in our community, raise our voices, and fight back!