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    • When
      Tuesday Nov 29
    • Time
      7:00pm until 9:00pm


Green Mountain Care is Vermont’s plan to provide universal health insurance. It was established by Act 48 in 2011. The intricacies of funding and coverage are being formulated right now. A front group for the 1%, “Vermonters for Health Care Freedom” has been set up to try and weasel control of the process, thereby guaranteeing for themselves the greatest profits, the least taxation and regulation; while screwing the 99% percent.

DO NOT SLEEP THROUGH THIS. If you do, you will wake up with a monstrous hangover, and an unforgivable legacy for your old age and future generations.
The 1% is extremely aware of the revolutionary (for the US) nature of this plan. They have been saving up and planning for this battle for decades.
But they don’t have what we have: smarts, resourcefulness, resilience, grooviness, and the knowledge of the rightness of our cause.

This may not be as exciting as fighting among ourselves over when it’s best to sleep in the park, but IT IS ONE OF OUR FEW BEDROCK ISSUES. The coolest part is that the machinery is already in place. We don’t have to invent anything. We don’t have to do a “black-ops direct action” to sneak in.
All we need to do is show up.
Let me repeat that.
All YOU need to do is show up.
. Leaving CHP at 4 PM. WE NEED AS MANY FROM THE 99% AS WE CAN MUSTER, to show that we mean business. Who’s coming?