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Friday, November 18 · 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Pine St. and Bank St., Burlington
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Occupy Vermont
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For many Vermonters, Chittenden Bank represented the sort of human-scale, local banking that benefited and was an integral part of the community. Thus, when it was recently bought out by People’s United, it was felt by many to be the loss of an important community institution and local control.

To tap into this feeling and positively channel it in a way that will increase our community’s local (and democratic) control over the financial system, we will be holding a “Pay Day Picket” of Peoples United this Friday where we will be encouraging its customers to move their patronage to cooperatively-owned credit unions. Bring a sign that conveys this message; some ideas that have been floated thus far are: “Remember when this Bank was Local? Join a Credit Union!” “Credit Union = Democracy” “Bank Local – Join A Credit Union”. If you have any other ideas, post them on the wall. This should be fun!