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149 Bank Street
Burlington, Vermont
Friday, October 28 · 3:00pm – 5:30pm

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Last Thursday, more than twenty supporters of Occupy Vermont picketed the bailed-out RBS-subsidiary Citizens Bank in honor of International Credit Union Day for more than six hours, holding pro-credit union signs and handing out literature about the advantages of credit unions and the Occupy movement. We found that the action was extremely effective in that it (1) offered members of our community an immediate and positive action they could take (move their money from a Too Big to Fail bank to a local, co-operatively owned credit union), and (2) provided Occupy supporters with the opportunity to inform a large number of people about our movement and to personally invite them to the Sunday General Assembly.

As such, we’ll be continuing the campaign this coming Friday when we picket the TARP-guzzling KeyBank in downtown Burlington. We’ll be keeping with the same theme of advocating credit unions while educating about Occupy as last week, so signs should reflect this mission. If you can come for the whole time or just a few minutes, the more the merrier!