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This document may be helpful at any meeting, especially the first

• Introductions – First name and, briefly, what you hope to accomplish as part of the group.
• Select a speaker for the meeting.
• Speaker will be responsible for running the meeting.
• If there is no way to distribute this document to meeting attendees, speaker should also read each section to the group when appropriate.
• Decide, by consensus if possible but by majority if not.
• Establish rules and procedures to govern the meeting. The set below should be read, discussed if necessary, edited if necessary, and voted for acceptance.
• Suggested rules:
• Those wishing to speak raise hand, speaker acknowledges them and they speak.
• If speakers are taking too long, speaker may give them 30 seconds to finish up.
• If too many speakers are taking too long, the group may vote to establish a time limit per comment.
• All decisions will be by consensus where possible, by majority vote when that is not possible.
• Votes shall be conducted by a show of hands.
• Election of a scribe to take notes.
• These notes should be distributed after the meeting in some fashion.
• If anonymity is a concern, they can be passed back to Occupy Vermont for posting online.
• Discuss and modify the proposed agenda.
• Decide on the mission of your Occupy chapter. For example, are you looking to spread information to those that may be unaware of the protests in Wall Street? Do you want to hold your own protests in your area? The determination of your mission is likely the first step. Not all chapters will have the same mission. You should consider that which your group can best accomplish by leveraging the unique set of skills you have amongst you.
• The wording of the mission may be important, and if so, should be written down and distributed to the group. Local media has been very firm on their desire for a well-structured mission.
• Occupy Vermont will offer any support possible for any mission so long as it does not promote or engage in hate, violence or illegal activities.
• Decide on what activities should be planned in the near future (suggestion for 2 weeks planning).
• What needs to happen to make each event happen? Consider logistics such as weather, location, finances, other events that may conflict.
• What manner of publicity and outreach should be planned for each event?
• What internal communication needs to happen for each event?
• Loose discussion (suggestion of a time limit) of events to occur from two to four weeks in the future.
• Set next meeting date, time, location and purpose.
• Again, communication to OV if appropriate and desired.

We also suggest that you offer some feedback to @occupyvermont via twitter or email – occupyvermont@gmail.com as to what your next steps are. If desired, we can help with outreach, communication, etc. We do hope, though do not require, you will collaborate with other Occupy Vermont chapters in your efforts.