From Burlington with #Solidarité


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Salut camarades! Nous avons couvert notre ville avec des carrés rouges-à-dire “bienvennue” Charest à ce dimanche!

Nous esperons que vous pouvez envoyer ce video à votre listes et que beaucoup de nos heroes (les étudiantes et indigènes de Québec qui luttent contre la dette et le Plan Nord) vont nous joindre dans les rues de Burlington! Écrivez si vous avez besoin des lits, nouriture, etc. pour dimanche à mardi.

Hello Comrades! We covered our city with red squares to welcome Charest this Sunday!

We hope you can send this video to your lists and that many of our heroes (the student and native of Quebec who are fighting against the debt and the Northern Plan) will join us in the streets of Burlington! Write if you need beds, nourishment, etc.. Tuesday to Sunday



Members of #OccupyVermont #Burlington Bring Recommendations to #Mayor Weinberger


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Event Name: Members of Occupy Burlington Bring Recommendations to Mayor Weinberger

Location: City Hall Burlington Vermont, 6pm

With welcome basket in in hand (including a home-made “choc-uppy” as well as other delicacies) individuals from Occupy Burlington have decided to greet the incoming Mayor Miro Weinberger on his first evening in office. The Mayor is scheduled to attend a City Council meeting held in City Hall at 6pm. These occupiers are presenting the him with some suggested commitments for his 3 year term, hoping he’ll sign on. The group hopes that his encouragement in the early days of their encampment will hold true after the campaign trail has ended. The proposed commitments are as follows:

-Decreasing the gap between the median income of Burlingtonians and the housing rates.

-Creating at least ONE year-round shelter in Burlington which provides specialized substance abuse counselors and is specific to those suffering from substance abuse related issues.

-Creating a Church Street Market Place Accountability Process, in which a) Church Street marketplace is required to bring all proposed rules and/or legislation to well-advertised and reasonably scheduled Town Hall meetings that include a voting process which indicate the desires of the community b) Church Street marketplace holds an overhaul of their existing rules and regulations by bringing them to a well-advertised and reasonably scheduled town Hall meeting that includes a voting process to indicate the desires of the community c) A commitment to helping Church Street Market Place make Church Street a “Local” zone, where ALL businesses are both locally owned AND operated.

-Pulling ALL city funds from financial institutions that are NOT local Credit Unions.

-Allowing Burlingtonians to create a food garden in City Hall Park which is maintained by the Elementary Schools with the help of community volunteers This will inspire tourists and remind Vermonters that we are dedicated to locally grown, healthy and organic foods.

-Requiring ALL Burlington Police Officers and City Parks Department employees to complete a De-Escalation, Non-Violent Communication and Anti-Oppression training in order to help reduce instances of racial or ethnic profiling and incarcerations.

-Creating PAID (by Church Street Market Place) positions of trained PTSD, Substance Abuse, Domestic Abuse and Rape Survivor counselors.

-Help create, encourage and maintain monthly Ward-specific Town Meetings in which City Council Members are bound to represent the decisions made by their constituents.

-Instigating a moratorium on all evictions and foreclosures until such a time when a (UNTIL A) “Net” can be created to protect Burlingtonians from falling into homelessness.

-Working with the CCTA to provide city maintained bicycles and increased and more affordable public transportation that adequately meets the needs of the citizens of Burlington and surrounding areas.

-Publicly recognizing The Day Without the 99% declared for May 1st which has been organized in part by Occupy Wall Street and other Occupations worldwide including Occupy Burlington.

These proposed commitments will be presented to the new Mayor following the Council Meeting. An info table will be available to those who have questions about the event and a live stream of the City Council Meeting will be available outside City Hall. These occupiers would like to encourage Burlingtonians to address and suggestions they may have for the Mayor at the info table.

#Obama in #Vermont #Protest and #Demonstration: Stand Up for #Peace, Economic #Justice and a Livable Planet


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Facebook event page here

On President Obama’s Vermont visit on March 30th, please join a broad grassroots coalition of Vermonters to celebrate free speech and exercise our right to peacefully assemble.

Rally at UVM Campus near I-89 at the intersection of Spear St. and Williston Rd. Please share widely and invite your friends.

Call for Peace
YES to closing Guantanamo
NO to Expanded Drone Bombings in Pakistan
NO to Occupying Afghanistan
NO to massively expanding Blackwater style contractors
NO to Extending Military Tribunals
NO to Immunizing the Bush administration from prosecution regarding
torture, i.e. those who ordered it, the lawyers who legally approved it,
and those in the CIA & the military who enacted the torture
NO to repeating Bush-era policy of bombing without congressional approval, to overstepping the UN mandate, to seeking regime change, to violation of the War Power Act of 1973

Defend Civil Liberties
YES to Freedom from State or Corporate Surveillance
YES To Free Speech and Expression
YES to Freedom to peaceably assemble, protest, or occupy
NO to NDAA, which codifies indefinite military detention without charge or
NO to Extending the Patriot Act without reforms
NO to Retroactive Immunity for Telecom Corporations involved in Warrant-
less Wiretapping
NO to Authorizing the Extrajudicial Executions of U.S.A. Citizens, such as
16 year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki

Demand Economic Justice
NO to Extending Tax Cuts for the Rich
NO to Wall Street Bailouts
NO to Promising Big Pharma new healthcare legislation will bar the
government from negotiating lower drug prices
YES to an Economy that works for the 99%

Livable Planet
YES to Carbon Level 350ppm.
NO to Offshore Drilling in the Gulf with no new safety measures
YES to Copenhagen Climate Talks & Good Faith Commitments
YES to Improving EPA Air-Quality Standards

Stand up for Human Rights
YES to a state, a nation, and a world where the fundamental needs of the 99%, things that make us all humans, are fulfilled regardless of ability to pay
YES to the human rights to nutrition, healthcare, housing, healthy environment, education, decent jobs, free expression and free association
NO to all forms of discrimination and systemic violence including those based on race, gender, sexuality, class and the prison industrial complex

Another world is possible. Another US is necessary. A brave little state can lead.

Occupy Vermont

False Solutions Circus by Red Clover #Affinity Group @ #Vermont Yankee #nuclear plant #protest.


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On March 22, 2012, Over 1200 people gathered to tell the Entergy Corporation to shut down . The 40 year old plant had been scheduled to be decommissioned the day before on March 21. Instead, Entergy sued the state of Vermont and forced the state to allow it to continue operating in spite of leaks of radioactive fluid and numerous safety issues.

As part of the rally at the Entergy HQ, the Red Clover Affinity Group staged the “False Solutions Circus” about how corporations greenwash their products and records.

#Decommissioning and #Accountability: A #Future Without #Vermont #Yankee


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6:30pm until 8:30pm

See our event on Facebook here

Fletcher Free Library, Community Room, Main Street, Burlington, VT

Decommissioning and Accountability: A Future Without Vermont Yankee

Panel with:
Deb Katz, Executive Director of the Citizens Awareness Network

Chris Williams, Organizer for Vermont Citizens Action Network

Robert Stannard, Citizen Lobbyist for the Vermont Citizens Action Network

The overwhelming vote in the Senate to reject VY as part of Vermont’s energy future and the legislature’s refusal to return to the issue in 2011 was a great victory, but the debate continues with Entergy winning its court case to continue operation. Citizens must remain engaged and demand continued legislative action to support a successful transition to sustainable energy and stricter decommissioning and operational standards going forward. As citizens work to close Vermont Yankee, Entergy is trying to keep it open. How Entergy will address the issues of transition, closing, and decommissioning is more significant than ever. Recently questions have been raised about how the local community will be affected as well as the state and even the region.

Vermont Yankee’s power has already been replaced. But questions remain. Can we survive without Vermont Yankee? Can citizens play a role as Vermont Yankee is properly dismantled, cleaned-up and radioactive waste safely stored? With the slow motion Fukushima disaster highlighting the vulnerabilities of Mark 1 reactors, how will the state deal with the increased vulnerability of this aged reactor?

“The decommissioning of the Entergy Vermont Nuclear Power Plant will be one of the most significant undertakings in Vermont’s history,” said Bob Stannard, lobbyist for Vermont Citizens Action Network.

Free and Open to the Public

Presented by Occupy Burlington and the Environmental Working Group of Occupy Burlington and Burlington Against Nukes.


Sponsored by: International Socialist Organization, Pax Christi, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Peace, Justice and Earthcare Committee of Burlington’s Religious Society of Friends, Fomite Press, and the SAGE Alliance, the regional alliance against VT Yankee

#Occupy Vermont #Protest #Obama in #Vermont: Say No More Wall Street Bailouts, Wars, Climate Inaction! March 30th


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President Obama is coming to Vermont on March 30th.

Facebook event here

Please join a broad coalition of Vermonters in taking a peaceful stand against his New Year’s Eve signing of NDAA; signing the Patriot Act extension into law with no reforms when all he had to do was not move a pen to let it expire; extending Bush tax cuts for the rich when all he had to do was not move a pen to let them expire; re-opening the Gulf for offshore drilling after the BP spill with no new safety measures; not closing Guantanamo; expanding three-fold Bush’s drone bombing of Pakistan; undermining the Copenhagen climate talks; not getting us out of Afghanistan while expanding massively the use of Blackwater style contractors; extending Bush’s military tribunals; authorizing the extrajudicial executions of American citizens; a backroom deal with Big Pharma promising that any healthcare legislation will bar the government from using its huge purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices; giving retroactive immunity for telecom corporations involved in warrant-less wiretapping; bombing Libya without congressional approval overstepping the UN mandate and seeking regime change, violating the War Power Act of 1973 and rendering hypocritical his criticism of Bush going to war without congressional approval; capitulating (again) to corporate America on EPA air-quality standards; immunizing all members of the Bush administration from prosecution regarding torture: the members of the Bush administration who ordered it, the lawyers who legally approved it, and those in the CIA and the military who tortured within the confines of the permission slips they were given by those officials and lawyers; authorizing the extrajudicial murder of American citizens including 16 year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki; and more…… lots more